Austin is a 4 year old male Australian Shepherd mix.  He arrives in the program on 20 July 2023.  His main issues include being fearful, has kennel stress, anxiety and can become over-stimulated if not adequately exercised and trained.  If you would be interested in adopting Austin when he completes the program, please contact his Rescue, Canine Humane Network at 240-832-1787 or

Week 1.  Austin is a very smart and loyal dog.  He likes to play games and give lots of love.  Austin is dealing with several health issues, which sometimes causes him to lash out at people he doesn't know.  He's not wanting or try to bite anyone; he just wants them to back up.  Once Austin knows and trusts you, he is a wonderful, sweet dog.  He is still reactive to new people and all the other dogs.  He is well advanced than the other dogs when it comes to command/cues.  He LOVES to play fetch and will buddy-up to anyone that will play with him.  He will badger you if you quit playing fetch and he's not finished.  He still shows some human aggression only to strangers or people who make him uncomfortable. 

Week 2.  Austin is a very good dog and super smart.  He came to us pretty much trained in basic commands/cues.  He loves to play fetch,  He's still a little shy meeting new people but once he is familiar with you, he is so very loveable.  Austin is still highly reactive to other dogs and some people.  Anyone interested in Austin must understand his breed (working/herding).  He requires a lot of exercise and mind stimulation.  

Week 3.  Austin is a fun loving dog.  He likes to play with the ball and is extremely treat motivated.  Except for the puppy Roxy, he is still not acclimated to interacting with the other dogs.  Initially he is reactive to strangers but eventually warms up to them.  He is excellent with all his commands/cues.  He is on meds so whoever adopts him will have to continue with them. A sweet, smart and beautiful dog who would love a home where he would get lots of evercise (and maybe even a job).