Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae is a 1 year old female Bloodhound.  She was previously adopted but returned after 4 days because she liked to wake up early in the morning.  She is now back in the program (although she has nothing to really learn and is ready for adoption to the right person/family).  If you would be interested in adopting Ellie Mae, please contact Linda Domer at ldomer84@yahoo.com or 301-800-6102.

Week 1.  Ellie Mae is a doll.  She came back (after being adopted for 4 days) with a few new issues but her Handler is properly addressing them.  Since her buddy left, she' not much into interacting with the other dogs.  But when she wags her tail, her entire body wags.  She's a big girl who loves to interact with any person she meets.  She is a really sweet dog.  And don't mind the drool :-)

Week 2.  Ellie Mae is doing great and after 10 months in the program she is ready to go to her furever or foster home.  She is people friendly.   She can be very selective when it comes to befriending other dogs.  When she accepts a particular dog as her friend, male or female, she is always friendly with that dog.  She has befriended Roxy the puppy and loves to play with a couple other of the dogs (Mino for example).  She knows her commands/cues and is just the sweetest girl.  Her adopters should be people who love hounds.  She can go to a home with children 10+ years (due to her size).  

Week 3.  It's actually been 41 weeks since Ellie Mae entered the program.  She is very people friendly.  She can have an issue with other dogs, although she regularly plays with Roxy and Mino.  She can co-exist with other dogs providing there is a proper introduction and the resident dog is not reactive.  Bottom Line: ELLIE MAE IS MORE THAN READY FOR HER FUREVER HOME!!!