Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae is a 10 month old female Bloodhound.  She arrived approximately 11-17-22.  If you would be interested in adopting Ellie Mae after she completes the program, please contact Linda Domer at ldomer84@yahoo.com or 301-800-6102..

Week 8.  Ellie Mae is doing very well.  She's now eating normally.  She is getting a lot of exercise which she desperately needed.  She is also interacting with people.  She really misses the puppies. She wants t o play with Everett but sadly he's not interested.  She is people and dog friendly, although she gets so excited meeting other dogs she has a tendency to come on full steam with them, which sometimes intimates the other dogs.  She knows all her cues and commands (sit, down, wait, walks on leash and very good recall.  She LOVES to play with her rope, loves playing fetch and play with her Handler.  She can be adopted by people who know hounds.

Week 11.  She continues to interact with people.She is always happy Pleaple who come to visit her always ask "Where is the Happy Hound!  Ellie Mae is very people friendly and in generally people friendly when introduced properly.  She has no resource guarding issues.  It is imperative that dog to dog interactions are very slow and controlled.