Maxx is an 8 month. old male Lab/Border Collie mix.  He arrived in the program on 6-1-22.  If you would be interested in adopting Max when he completes his training, please contact Linda Domer and or 301-800-6102.

Because we have not been able to get in the prison due to staffing shortages, no journals have been collected. 

Maxx has finally settled in and is relatively comfortable with his handler.  Maxx is people reactive when safe guarding his space or his handler does not properly instroduce him to people.  He is not dog aggressive.  He has been introduced to Sam, Maggie, Kato, Max and Daisy, alll of which went well.  They all ended up playing with each other..  Though Mazx bonds with all his canine neighbors, he did lunge at a person who started hin.  He also growls at people he doesn't know but his handler can reassure him and he settles.  He would not do well in a home with kids.

Week1.  Maxx is as close to perfect as any dog.  He's been the only dog in the program since the June/July 2022 timeframe.  On Thursday, 10 Nov 2022, Fiona and Odie (the mastiff mix puppies) arrived.  Maxx was amazing!  He played with the puppies, was gentle and gave amazing corrections to the puppies when needed.  Maxx loves people and, based on his interaction with the puppies, enjoys the company of other dogs.  Maxx also knows all his cues and commands.  He was perfect.  He would make a wonderful companion to any family (kids 10 yrs or older), couple or single individual.  He bonds quickly once he knows who you are.  His issues of growling have disappeared.  Maxx is ready for his furever home!!

11-20-22.  Maxx has graadually been inntroduced to his canine neighbors.  He has not been off leash with them, but in passing he has been able to tolerate them.  Maxx was able to play with dogs in the past.  His Handler believes he has been in the program so long by himself has made him a little territorial.  He loves the puppies Odie and Fiona.  He still shows signs of guarding his "space".  He loves people once he has been properly introduced.  Maxx absolutely loves to play fetch.  Maxx has a great temperament but needs to be properly introduced.  Once he knows you, you are forever good to go.

1-9-23. Maxx is ready for his furever home.  He is people reactive only when they are entering his space without his Handler's presence.  He gets along great with other dogs once they have been properly introduced.  He is great with his commands/cues and manners.  Maxx would do very well with a single individual or a couple.

2-1-23.  Maxx has had a very good week, filled with a lot of socialization and affection.  Maxx loves people; but must be properly introduced.  He will get along with other dogs, depending on the other dog's temperment.  He is excellent with all his good manners.