Mino (fmrly Yamino)

Mino is a male 1 yr old Shepherd mix.  He arrived in the program on 10 August 2023.  His main issues are basic obedience/manners and jumping on people (he's a happy dog). If you would be interested in adopting Mino when he completes his training, please contact his Rescue, Lucky Legacy Rescue at luckylegacy@gmail.com or Mary Ann O'Malley at maryannomalley039@gmail.com.

Week 1.  Mino shows no signs of aggression towards people or other dogs.  He'll bark at another dog if they bark first.  He's still a bit nervous around a lot of people or a lot of noise.  He's a really good dog and everyone loves him.  His Handler has started  working on his basic training/obedience (he doesn't know any commands or cues).

Week 2.  Mino is still nervous around people when inside the Housing Unit and is still bothered by loud noise.  When he is outside he's fine.  He especially enjoys playing with Roxy, Ellie Mae and Wolfie.  He's very picky about what he will eat, and appears to be just ok with treats (doesn't appear to be treat motivated). His Handler has started working on basic obedience/cues/commands.  He is already excellent at leash walking.  He goes into his crate when asked, and appears to like his crate as his "safe zone" (he opens the door himself if he wants to go inside the crate).  Mino has shown no signs of resource/food guarding and reacts well with the people he comes in contact with.  He is a very active dog and loves to play the game of "chase me".

Week 3.  Mino is still a little bit nervous with the noise, but she is showing remarkable improvement.   She is neither people or dog reactive (she plays with Roxy, Wolfie and Loki).  She continues to work on her commands/cues (she will sit on command and is very good at leash walking).  Mino shows no signs of resource/food/toy/people guarding. She is a very affectionate girl and will stay close to you.  Her favorite game is playing chase.