Odie is a 9 week old Mastiff-mix puppy.  He arrived on 2 Nov 2022.  If you would be interested in adopting him when he is ready and has completed the program, please contact his Rescue, Happy Go Lucky Mastiff Rescue at happygoluckymastiffrescue@yahoo.com.

Week 1.  Oh my what an energetic litttle boy Odie is.  He is not the least bit shy.  Loves people, loves his sister
Fiona, and adores Maxx, especially when the 3 of them are outside playing.  Odie is not the least bit shy, whether he's in the housing unit or outside.  He has quite the personality and is ready to play.  He's doing well on his potty training.  His Handler has been taking him out every 4 hours, and will be expanding the time during his training.  He knows his name and responds when called.  He has also mastered the "sit" cue.  He will begin working on sit, leash walking, recall and down cue.  He does exhibit slight separation anxiety, so that willl be another issue his Handler will be addressing.