Phantom is an 18 month old lab.  He arrived in the program on 2-8-23.  He's a sweet boy who is a big puppy. He needs basic obedience, training, manners and boundaries.  If you would be interested in adopting Phantom when he completes his training, please contact his Rescue, Lab Rescue LRCP at 

the below is from Phantom's Foster and Rescue:

Applicants must meet the following requirements:
Setting: Rural, Suburban
Dwelling: Single Family
Fence: Physical fence preferred unless proper exercise and leash work is provided
Training Addendum

Jan 18, 2023: Phantom is a BIG OL' PUPPY! He has tons of love to give but needs to work on curbing his enthusiasm for jumping and mouthing. Phantom is looking for an active experienced family to get him the training and exercise his teenage brain craves! Phantom is super sweet and pretty good on leash. He loves to play. He just has his moments of impulse control that a bit of structure and training can cure easily. He loves other dogs and can be very affectionate. Are you that person to give his teenage brain the stimulation and structure he so very much deserves???

Dec 1, 2022: Phantom just arrived at his foster home. FM reports he is happy to see everyone and is full of hugs and kisses. Phantom takes treats gently and is pretty good on the harness leash, and is more of a wanderer than a tugger. Phantom is working on his basic commands and will need continued training. He is a gangly pup and just growing into his body, so maybe not great with small kids since he is a giant, albeit gentle!

Nov 13, 2022: Phantom is a gorgeous young boy. He is tall and leggy. He is a very sweet boy but has energy typical of an 18 month old and will need exercise and training. He gives amazing kisses and had a great lab lean. He does pretty well with an EZ walk harness and he did ride well on his transport. Phantom is good with dogs, unknown with cats (he ignored the cat at the shelter but it was sitting still and did not run) and approved for kids 10 and up. More on Phantom as we get him into a foster.

Phantom is an 18 month old black male. He weighs 68 lbs. 4DX negative Follow up test due in Apr 2023. See medical tab.

Stray to shelter
Heartworm Negative