Roswell is a male 1 yeaar old yellow lab.  He arrived on 2-16-22.  If you would be interested in adopting Roswell after he completes the program, please contact his Rescue, Lab Rescue LRCP at 

Adopters must meet these requirements:
Setting: Rural, Suburban
Dwelling: Single Family Home
Fencing: Must have physical or underground fence.
Training Addendum

Roswell is from a rural area and has not been exposed to traffic, noise, or groups of people. If dogs are overwhelmed by their environment, they can exhibit behaviors like excessive barking. To avoid this, for now we are limiting placement to stand alone single family homes in a suburban neighborhood or rural area. As we learn more from the dog's time spent in foster, we will evaluate if placement can be expanded to include a more urban environment and send out an update.

Sep 16, 2022: Roswell is the sweetest boy! He enjoys playing with the resident dogs and his interests seem to include eating, exploring the house, looking for new interesting things to play with, and lounging on the humans on the couch at night (he is a big snuggler!!). He continues to work on his house training but is doing pretty well. He would do well in a house with another dog or with humans that can give him lots of exercise as he has a lot of energy. Roswell is excited to go to the adoption event and find his forever family!

Sep 13, 2022: Roswell is a friendly pup who loves to get attention, be petted and to give kisses. He is happy to meet you to get attention and if you happen to have any treats that's even better. I think he was an outside pup for a while as his fur is a little sun burnt and rough but that will fix itself as he is now inside has a soft bed and is getting better food. We will continue the job of spoiling him with TLC and getting him a good home. He likes to play with toys and retrieves them sometimes. He is not going to be a big dog probably will be about 50-55 lbs. Roswell would love an active family that has a fenced yard and has time and energy to give him the exercise and training he needs. Have your applicants come meet him he is a great pup.

Kids 10 and up. Good with other dogs. No cat history I did take him to the cat room where he met one of the cats who jumped down from her shelf and Roswell decided it was a good time to leave the room, it's an indication he may be good with cats. Knows basic commands sit, come and is learning down. Will have Training Addendum's as he is a young dog and can use addition training. Pretty good on lead, better with Easy Walk harness. Crate trained may be house trained, as he is keeping room clean at kennel.

Watch Roswell at: .

Roswell - 1 year old yellow neutered male year. Up to date on vaccines. Neutered on 24 Aug. Weighs 42 lbs. ideal is 53 - 55 lbs. so has to gain a few. See Medical tab.

Note: Roswell will need another Heartworm test in six months (about 2023) as we don't have proof he has been on heartworm preventatives before he came to Lab Rescue.