Stella is a 17 month old female Bloodhound. She arrived in the program on 30 March 2023.  Her main issuess are separation anxiety and a ton of energy.  If you would be interested in adopting Stella when she completes the program. please contact Linda Domer at 301-800-6102 or

Week 1.  She spent the first week getting comfortable in her new surroundings and bonding with her new Handler.  He started worked with her on the very basic cues.  She loved playing with all the other dogs (although she and Ellie Mae [both of them are Bloodhounds])  She played with all the dogs INCLUDING MAX!!!  Everett doesn't really want to play.  Her manners are good if not distracted.  This plus basic training will be her Handlers main issues.  Watching her and Ellie Mae (the other Bloodhound) is such a joy.  They became BFF's the first week ;-)

Week 2.  Stella had a very good week.  She and her Handler continue to bond with one another.  She plays well with the other dogs, especially Maxx and Ellie Mae.  She knows sit and down.  She walks both on and off leash.

Week 3.  Another good week for Stella.  She stills needs work on her "stay" and recall..  She loves all the other dogs and interacts very well with them, with the exception of Everett, who doesn't really "play" with any of the dogs.

Week 4.  Stella had another good week.  She has been playing very well with the other dogs, as well as interacting with people (she loves attention).  She knows sit, off and walking on and off leash.  Still needs work on stay, wait and her recall.  She's a real lover just like Ellie Mae.