Woofie is 2 year old male German Shepherd/Chow mix.  He arrives in the program on 19 July 2023.  His main issue is lack of confidence and basic manners/training.  If you would be interested in adopting Woofie when he completes the program, please contact Cindy Hagan at his Rescue, Black Dogs & Company Rescue Inc., at rescueblackdogs@yahoo.com or 410-812-8392.

Week 1.  Woofie is very good at leash walking.  He walks with and at the same pace as his Handler.  He is very treat motivated and will usually follow the commands/cues if rewarded.  Woofie still is a little nervous but showing improvement.  Right now he still doesn't appear to like any of the other dogs.  That and his mouthing are the two major isssues we are addressing.

Week 2.  Woofie is starting to improve his relationships with some of the other dogs.  He and Charlie are able to play with one another off leash!  He is also less anxious, but still tries to run out of the cell onto the tier when not on a leash.  His Handler has started working on Woofie's recall in addition to his mouthing.  Sometimes he just doesn't want to be bothered by anyone or anything, preferring instead to go solo.  

Week 3.  Woofie's Handler continues to work with his interactions with other dogs.  He will play with Roxy the puppy without incident.  His confidence is showing great improvement and his anxiety has all but disappeared (without meds).  He appears to want to play with the other dogs but shows reactivity, so no off-leash except for the puppy.